Digital Marketing Problems

What are the most important Digital Marketing Problems every business needs to master? Every company is affected by Digital Marketing Problems and their challenges. In this post, I am going to highlight the most common digital marketing problems that are stopping business entrepreneurs from being successful! Are you affected as well? Let’s find out in under 5-minutes and let’s quickly fix them.

The Five Most Common Digital Marketing Problems

  1. Product or Service
  2. The Market
  3. Traffic Generation
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Sales

99% of all new business entrepreneurs will fail in building their online business. Why? Because they can’t seem to solve their digital marketing problems.

Now guess what? If you are affected by just one of those digital marketing problems – you can’t run a successful business.

So let’s dive into every single point and let’s find the most important digital marketing solutions to fix your problems.

Product or Service

Digital Marketing Problems with the Product
Digital Marketing Problems with the Product

Is your product or service wanted or needed?

Your product or service could be the first digital marketing problem. Make sure you gather more information about your product or service. Is your product or service needed? A specific group of people serves as your market target audience. Ask as many people as possible about your idea. Try to make polls, try to reach potential new customers, and run surveys.

You might be super stoked about your idea or your product. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the world want’s it as well. If there is no demand, you will have a hard time selling your product. Exceptions are innovative products. New products people didn’t even know it’s out there.

Do you have your own product or service?

Right from the beginning. You rather want to have your own product or service. That gives you full authority. If you are not selling your own product, you will always depend the supplier.

On top of it. You might fall under certain policies. You will need to follow certain rules and can not freely decide where to sell and under what circumstances.

Another risk not having your own product or service. If the supplier quits your contract or decides to stop producing. You can’t supply your own clients anymore. Therefore: It’s best to have your own product or service.

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The Market & The Challanges

Digital Marketing Problems with the Market
Digital Marketing Problems with the Market

Another common digital marketing problem is the market. Check the market for two major components. First of all, check the market size. Meaning, how many people are searching for a specific product you have to offer? How many people are looking for a solution to a specific problem? Can your product or service help people to fix their problems?

Evaluate your target market size

You can investigate the market size by using digital keyword research tools. Search engines like google track search queries from their users. And that database can be accessed with a wonderful free tool from google, called the Keyword Planner. An additional free keyword research tool is Uebersuggest.

Know your market competition

The second important step is to evaluate the strength of your market competition. Do similar products exist? If that’s the case, how does your product differentiate from the competitors?

Who is your competition? Are you dealing with private people, small business owners, or big corporations? Be aware of the most important digital marketing challenges.

It’s important to know your market and your market players. Do your business homework and find out who you are dealing with. Evaluate if you can compete with them. Consider those facts for your marketing plan and marketing strategy.

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Traffic Generation

Digital Marketing Problems with Traffic Generation
Digital Marketing Problems with Traffic Generation

Another big obstacle that every business entrepreneur has to tackle is the so-called traffic generation. Meaning, how can you reach your target audience? What are the best ways to generate traffic that will result in high-quality leads? Especially at the beginning of a new business traffic generation can become a big digital marketing problem.

We can differentiate from two forms generating traffic.

Free Traffic Generation Sources

Free Traffic Generation is also known to generate the so-called Organic Traffic. That means that you create content that is useful for your target audience.

The most common Content Creation Tools are Blogging (SEO), Videos used on Youtube, or other Content Creator platforms. In general do serve any social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. content creators to publish their content and to attract their target audience.

Paid Traffic Generation Solutions

The second option for creating traffic is investing in paid advertising. In that particular case, you invest money to get exposure and to reach your target audience.

Most common paid advertising platforms are:

  • Google Ads (Search, Display, and Video Campaigns)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • TikTok Ads

Read my Blog Post The Best & Easiest Ways To Generate Free Traffic to find more details on generating organic traffic. And if you want to learn more about paid advertising I recommend reading my article Paid Advertising for Beginners.

Lead Generation

Digital Marketing Problems with Lead Generation
Digital Marketing Problems with Lead Generation

Followed by the Traffic Generation is the process to collect Leads. Leads are potential new clients. People who show interest in your product or your service. But Lead Generation can also become a very specific digital marketing problem.

As we learned before, it all starts with content creation. Is your content good helpful and does it serve a specific purpose? If that’s the case, sooner or later it will attract your target audience.

That specific traffic will read your blog post or your social media post. But what’s even more important is to generate leads. You need to be able to communicate with your leads.

How to communicate with your target audience?

By collecting data from your target audience you’ll get the chance to communicate with them. This process is called Lead Generation.

The most common way to generate leads is by collecting your target audience’s user information. This process happens via website visitors (Blog Post) or Social Media Engagements.

  • Emails
  • Phone Number
  • Social Media Connections
  • Chat Communication Platforms

Once users consent to subscribe to your blog or video channel, or follow you on any of your social media platforms, you are able to communicate with them.

Find more details about the most efficient ways to communicate with your target audience in my blog post called Best Free Lead Generation Tools.

The Sales Process

Digital Marketing Problems with the Sales Proceas
Digital Marketing Problems with the Sales Proceas

The Sales Process is the last step in winning new customers. A Lead is going to buy your product and at this moment the lead will become a new customer. But a lot of times the sales process becomes for many startups a real digital marketing problem.

If you have a ton of leads it’s important to evaluate your best sales process. Is it a phone call or a video? Is it a webinar? Do you have an e-commerce store? Or is it just an email that will do the magic sales process for you?

Whatever Idea you might have in mind. The best practice is testing different methods in your sales process. That will lead to maximum efficiency and a higher sales ratio.

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FAQ for Digital Marketing Problems

What are the most common digital marketing problems?

  • Product or Service
  • The Market
  • Traffic Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales

Why is digital marketing important?

Digital Marketing is the key to reach your target audience. It’s essential for lead generation and sales.

What’s the best digital marketing plan?

Depending on your product, service and market you have to craft your own customized digital marketing plan. There is no formula that works for all. Find a variety of the best digital marketing strategies at our website

Is Digital Marketing difficult to learn?

Google is your best friend to search for trusted digital marketing resources. It takes legitimate time to learn Digital Marketing with a variety of fields you can specialize in. provides specific information about practical digital marketing solutions.

Where should I start with Digital Marketing?

The best practice is to get a full overview of the five most important digital marketing fields.

  • Market Research
  • Product Check
  • Traffic Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Process

Where can I find Digital Marketing Tutorials? provides free Video Tutorials specifically to learn Digital Marketing. While colleges and Universities provide overall information, provides practical lessons and case studies.

How to find trusted Digital Marketing Mentors?

While it’s difficult to find trusted digital marketing mentors – is dedicated to review instructors. We give recommendations based on facts and nothing else.

Where can I find classes for Digital Marketing Beginners? creates free digital marketing classes for beginners. Those classes are Video Tutorials that can be studied at your own pace.

What are the Digital Marketing Challenges for 2021?

  • Market Research
  • Product Solutions
  • Reaching your Target Audience
  • Website Creation
  • Content Creation
  • Content Promotion
  • Traffic Generation
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • Outreach & Communication
  • Sales

Find another brief overview of the most common known digital marketing challenges and Download here our free document: Challenges of Digital Marketing PDF