How to find cheap land?

Find here the Best Tips on How to Find Cheap Land. Where can you buy cheap land? And can you get land even without any money or financing options? All those questions will be answered. Short, precise and straight to the point.

If you are ready to buy cheap and affordable land, then you came to the right place. Invest 5-Minutes and select from the best online platforms and sources to buy cheap land.

Before you start searching, I recommend reading my article called Questions to ask before buying land. Trust me. If you haven’t done this yet. Please START first reading the comprehensive questions when buying land. Don’t forget to download my Free Google Sheet Checklist. Protect yourself and don’t fall into any money pit and avoid any unforeseen problems when buying cheap land.

If you started already with my ultimate Checklist, then let me congratulate you. Then you are for sure on the right track. Now, let’s get started, and let’s dive straight into my findings when searching for cheap land.

Where can you buy the cheapest land?

Some websites just call out some specific states. But pay attention. A generic list of states will never tell you anything specific. It’s not practical. You can never ever say something about a list.

Because buying cheap land depends on various factors. And if you don’t consider those factors it will possible result in a much more expensive purchase than you would have ever expected.

You have basically two options. You can pull up some statistics or you just take practical action when looking for the cheapest land. I am the guy who usually takes action. And how to do a broad search for cheap land – let me show you right now.

How to find raw land for sale?

A fast and easy way to find the most affordable states to buy cheap land in the US is by using a broad search on zillow.

When you search for cheap land you need to setup the filter with the correct settings. In this short Video-Tutorial I am going to show you how I use Zillow and the Filters to find cheap land that is currently for sale.

Also. Please think already before the search what you would like to do with the land. If you want to have farm animals, or if you are going to plan to run some business on the land. If that’s the case, it can’t be just residential zoning.

According to the database from and their current listings, states like Arkansas, West Virginia and Tennessee are possible the most affordable states to purchase cheap land.

But again. It’s more legitimate to do a practical search shown in my video tutorial above.

How to buy land with no money?

If you want to build a house but you don’t have any money to even buy the land – you already have a problem. Let’s face it. You need some money to get started. And even if the land would be 100% for free – you then need money to build your house. Find below the most important checkpoints you have to consider if you want to buy cheap land.

Save some money

Money Tip number one. Just save some money. If you are just starting and you would like to buy some cheap land, make sure you can save up to $10k. You might not be able to start building right away. But if you are serious about your homestead, than you will get to the point where you can also start building.

Local Search for Property

Not all the land that is for sale is listed online. If you are already in the local area you want to buy some land – drive around in your area. Write some little sticky notes and post them in the local grocery store: BUY LAND

Search in your local newspaper for some ads. You might find the on or other intriguing ad where land is listed for sale by the owner.

Land for sale owner financing

If your credit score is low or your house bank is not willing to finance 50% of your land – search for the term OWC. That stands for “Owner Will Carry” or OMC which means Owner May Carry. That means nothing else, than the owner of the land is willing to sell the property without any bank.

Search for Land That Has Been on the Market for a Long Time

When you search online for your land, you can also see how long this property is already on the market. If the land is sitting there for almost a year, it’s a clear sign that the owner has some troubles selling his land.

What you can do: Just try to get the contact information or call the listing agent directly. Reach out and ask if the seller is willing to negotiate a deal. If you have some money in cash – that helps a lot, because the owner doesn’t have to wait for any financial approval.

Cheap property for sale – inspect the land

Never buy a land just online without having seen the land in reality. You need to get full access to the property. Walk around, check the terrain, the neighborhood and make sure the land will not have any hidden unforeseen surprises.

Check out my Comprehensive List of Questions before buying land

Even if you like the property, after inspecting the land by yourself. Make sure you have been checking on all the mandatory points I called out in my 47-Points Checkout List.

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How to find cheap land that you can use to build our own tiny house and your homestead.

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Note you should never forget:
Beware of the doctor, whose wife sells cemetery plots, whose brother owns a granite quarry, and whose father deals in shovels.

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