Land with Utilities for Sale

How to buy cheap land without paying for utility connections

The alternative is to buy homes, that have been abandoned. If you do your proper search, you’ll find a lot of abandoned homes that are on the market for a very cheap price.

It’s really up to you if you would like to fix an old structure and remodel everything from scratch. Or if you decide to pull down the entire house and start over with a total new home.

But think about all the advantages you’ll have when you’ll buy an abandoned house instead of buying undeveloped land.

First of all you’ll clearly see the neighborhood. You’ll know the rental market, you will know what property tax was paid the years before. You will also know the zoning and all their restrictions. But best of it. You can for sure say if all the mandatory utilities have been setup and connected.

Benefits of Buying abandoned homes

You will not have any extra costs, unless you decide to build your new home at a different location and you might need to extend the connection outlets.

Those Bargain homes can be found very easy. And even poor people can afford buying such homes, remodel it or like I said. Pull down the entire structure and start over again.

Yes. Tearing down a house will cost you also money. But it can be also planned and calculated. You will know for sure what it will cost you.

Tip: If you want to get rid of abandoned home on your property, you might want to invite the local fire department for an exercise. The Fire Department will coordinate the exercise with the city.

They will put it on fire and potentially even help you removing some parts from the property. But that really depends on the location and if there would be any building on the side in danger. But hey, it’s worth considering and asking.

Where can you find abandoned homes? You can check on zillow with the proper search and filter settings.

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